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Let Me Show You How To Get A Soft & Smooth Vagina Free From Pimples, Ingrown Hairs and Dead Skin Cells Using The…

Vajacial Therapy

Gives You A Premium Vagina That’s A Regular Destination For Your Man.

I’m sure you might be wondering what Vajacial Therapy is all about and probably you might be hearing it for the first time.

If you are familiar with Spa treatment, a Vajacial is simply “facials for the vagina” aimed at getting rid of pimples, ugly pink ingrown hairs and dead skin cells.

This Vajacial makes your Vagina super soft and smooth.

This Vajacial rejuvenates the skin around your vagina making it supple and soft to touch. I bet you that your man will take notice.

But Why Is A Vajacial Important For You?

In order to explain why every woman who values both her inner and outer beauty should undergo Vajacial Therapy, allow me tell you my story.

My name is Chinenye and I’m the hairy type of woman.
I usually have full blown hair around my vagina.

The hair can be too much for a woman with an active sex life.

When I was a teenager and a virgin, getting rid of my excess pubic hair was not a big deal for me as my vagina was not active plus no man was visiting this section of my
body on a regular basis….lol😂

But as I approached my early twenties and men started coming, I began to pay more attention to my body, especially my Vagina.

I noticed that most of the guys I dated didn’t appreciate the fact that I had a full grown “Brazilian hair” on my Vagina.

They refused to give me oral sex because they feared that my pubic hair would carry germs that might infect them.

I tried so hard to make them give me head but most of them just humped me like a chicken and left me unsatisfied after they had cummed.

Those who tried to give me head didn’t like the fact that they were licking the hair on my vagina. It was just so irritating to them.

With this, I began to consider getting rid of my overgrown pubic hair, because I felt it
wasn’t a good sight for a lady.

Plus it usually had a nasty odor from being covered in heat most of the time.

This Was When I Made A Silly Mistake.

I used a blunt shaving stick and bathroom soap to shave my pubic hair off and the results were irritating and embarrassing.

By the time the hair began to grow back, I began to experience a nasty itch in my private part like I had a bad infection 

This itch came with rashes. If I wore tights that didn’t allow air enter easily, I would begin to itch my probates like an infected mad woman.

I was itching so profusely and unconsciously, sometimes I would be in the bus stop, and unconsciously I would find myself desperately scraping my private part in public.

Not only that, I began to notice inner skin pimples and boils full of pus on my vagina.

Imagine my boyfriend trying to have sex with me and then when he opens my vagina, he sees ugly pimples and big boils all over.

What would be his impression of me?

I’m sure he would think I’m the dirty girl who doesn’t bother to take care of herself.

This was exactly what I experienced with 2 guys I dated during this period.

My vagina was a turn off for them. The crazy spots around my vagina just made it not look pretty. I began to look for a solution to this issue by getting over the counter
ointments for getting rid of ingrown hair and bumps.

But most of them were not specifically recommended for the delicate skin of the vagina and when I mistakenly used it, I had a very severe irritation.

Imagine applying hot chemicals to your vagina.

I had a painful itch and burn that irritated my vagina skin for months.

With this I began to look for better and safer ways to get a smooth and soft vagina .

I began to talk to my friends about my situation, some of them recommended some oils and creams but my skin was too sensitive for them.

Anytime I used any over the counter cream on my vagina, I usually experienced a nasty irritation that would lead to me itching for 30 days straight.

This was my case until a friend in Ikeja, Lagos introduced me to..

A Vajacial Therapy Done By New Image Makeover Spa In Lagos.

This therapy simply involves exfoliating the outer skin of the Vagina using non acidic
herbal gels and scrubs.

This exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells that cause dark and dry vagina skin.

Not only does it get rid of dead skin cells, it helps clear ingrown hair that causes pimples and boils. With this simple therapy, which might last for just 30 minutes to an hour

Your Vagina would come out feeling soft, smooth and free from any blemish.

On hearing this recommendation, I visited their office to see for myself and also speak to someone.

They were so kind and the professional therapist gave me all the details that I would need to make an informed decision about going for the Vajacial session.

With this, I decided to give it a try and I can assure you that me and my Vagina never regretted it.

Thank goodness I had Miss Boluwatife as my therapist .

She was friendly and funny, and she made me feel totally comfortable as she propped my legs open and wiped me clean with antibacterial towelettes.

Then she began scrubbing my skin (not strictly the vagina or vulva, but the area around it and around the pubic bone) with a custom scrub, made with sugar, salt and glycerin.

She removed the scrub with a warm, damp towel, then checked my bikini line for in-growns, which she removed with tweezers and a lancet (for those extra deep hairs trapped beneath the skin).

In case you’re wondering, it was not remotely painful. Next was the cream mask, made with all-natural ingredients, that will soon be for sale.

She smoothed it on, then massaged it into my skin with a high-frequency wand that helps the product to penetrate and treat deep in-growns.

Another warm towel removed the mask, and the final step was a soothing moisturizer.

I left feeling rejuvenated, which may seem like a silly word to use, but it’s genuinely how I felt.

She also gave me a bunch of maintenance tips that I feel I can implement in my
day-to day-routine.

What are the benefits?

The vajacial treats in-grown hairs, removes dead skin cells and smooths bumps around the bikini line, prevents acne and helps maintain healthy, hydrated skin. It is also a chance for your esthetician to check on your wax and make sure you are doing proper maintenance at home.

What does it cost and how long does it take? Normally?
New Image Makeover Spa has a team of professionals that carry out this Vajacial at
the original price of N35,000, but because they are just opening a new office at Ikeja,
they have decided to run a promo offer. The first 20 customers get to enjoy this treatment for just N20,000 for a 30 minutes to 1 hour treatment.

Are There Reviews From Satisfied Customers About The Vajacial Therapy?

Of course, New Image Makeover Spa has carried out this procedure on almost 100 women since inception and most of them left with beautiful reviews and process pictures.

See them below

"I Never Believed That My Vagina Could Be This Smooth."

If someone told me that I would be this hairless and extra smooth, I wouldn’t have believed. New Image spa knows what they are doing and the attendants are professional.

I’ll gladly recommend them.

"My Vagina Is So Smooth.."

When they first introduced Vajacials to me, I was like “are you kidding me?
Lol….Facials for my Vagina? I’ve never seen such before but I tried it once and when I saw how I enjoyed the process and the results, I’ve been a regular customer. I’ve also brought 2 of my girlfriends.

One thing about New Image Makeover Spa is that they know how to make you feel at home and at ease. Thier professionalism is top notch. They not only removed the outer hair but also extracted the ingrown hair too.

I will recommend them to anyone, any day and anything.

Positive Results Guaranteed

New Image Makeover Spa has a mission to give every client full
satisfaction for every service rendered. They have vowed to
keep you feeling like a Queen as you step out after a professional touch.

How Can You Enroll For This Vajacial Therapy?

Due to the massive amount of customers trooping into New
Image Makeover Spa, every interested client has to book an appointment to fix a date for an appointment so that reservations can be made for you.

Once you fill the form, you will receive a call from a New Image Makeover Spa therapist, who will help put you through the procedure.

To book an appointment, kindly fill the form below.

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