Eliminate Back Pain And Muscle Aches From Your Stressful Week… And Get An Unbelievably Smooth, Attractive And Glowing Skin Celebrities Spend Millions To Maintain… With Our Special Spa Treatment Process

No Side Effects! Instant Results Guaranteed!

We’ve created a special process of helping people working in the stressful city of Lagos to relax and naturally unwind from all the crazy frustrating hustle, back pain and aches…

and also get flawless skin free from bleaching and ugly side effects.

It’s NOT painkillers for body pain.

Though it will help reverse your excruciating back and muscle pain.

It’s NOT some random skincare or back pain supplement.

Though it will help give you the glowing skin and pain-free life you’ve always desired.

It’s NOT a bunch of difficult exercises or yoga for back pain and stress relief.

Though it will help you unwind and you’ll instantly feel all the pains and stress leave your body.

It’s NOT any fake “organic” skincare cream.

Though it will help renew your skin and give you a glowing, ageless look only movie stars are able to maintain to keep their jobs… without side effects!

Our Spa Treatment Process Is A Risk-free SHORTCUT!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the never-ending stressful hustle and grind in the life-wrecking city of Lagos…

If you’ve ever had to endure unbearable back or general body pain because you’re always hustling…

If you’ve ever been sick and tired of all the damages, pimples, and dark spots you suffer from using fake “organic creams” in the name of skincare…

Then this Spa Treatment package is what you’ve been looking for!

If you’ve been wondering how top celebrities like Tiwa Savage, Genevieve Nnaji, Adesua Etomi, and others manage to get their flawless, glowing and ageless skin without bleaching…

Well, regular spa treatment is one of their little secrets to achieving such attractive skin.

And now, you too can get access to this secret and natural way of making your skin shine without bleaching, getting rid of wrinkles, and looking younger than your real age.

We’ve given many other Lagos residents a beautiful and mood transforming spa treatment session they couldn’t get enough of.

And they all agree it made them feel like they were in heaven…

And for a while, they forgot they lived in this stressful Lagos…

Many have reported back after our spa sessions —that their skin now looks and feels smoother, more radiant, and more attractive…. with ZERO side effects.

See what they’re saying…

Does This sound Familiar…

You’re a regular worker or have a business in Lagos.

Every morning, you have to be on your way to work as early as 4am just so you can beat the frustrating Lagos traffic..

After almost 4 excruciating hours spent in traffic, you finally get to the office.

But you still have to work for 8 hours sitting all day in front of your computer.

And at the end of the work day, you feel completely broken down.

Your back aches from sitting all day.

Your neck hurts.

Your eyes are sagging and almost shut with lack of sleep and tiredness.

Your feet feel sore from the shoes or heels you wore all day.

All you would want at that moment is to drive straight home to relax and get a good amount of rest…

Plus someone to give you a relaxing massage to soothe your aching back and muscles.

But no…

You still have to drive past another heart-wrenching 4-hour traffic jam.

And by the time you get home, it’s already 10pm.

You still don’t get enough sleep because you have to wake up at 3am the next morning to get to work early and beat the traffic.

This frustrating, tiring, and stressful cycle continues for the rest of the week for you.

And by the time it’s the weekend, you’re already sick and tired of the hustle…

Fed up with life in Lagos…

And all you want to do is escape from this city to a safe haven where you can release all the stress in your body, relax and be taken care of.

But since you don’t have that luxury of options, and Lagos is your “land of opportunities”… you decide to just let it slide and keep enduring the pains and stress…

Or you decide to take painkillers to relieve the stress and back pain you’re feeling.

But the problem with pain killers is that they never solve the real problem.

They only trick your body to not feel the pain.

Which is very dangerous… because your body gets addicted to that feeling like drugs.

So whenever you don’t take painkillers, you continue to suffer in excruciating pain.

And it becomes chronic.

So you have to suffer for the rest of your life… depending on painkillers…

Which can also trigger other life-threatening diseases in your body.

Or maybe you’ve been struggling with the skincare side of things.

Maybe you’ve had to deal with an endless cycle of pimples or dark spots that refuse to disappear no matter what you do.

You’ve even patronized all sorts of so-called “organic” skincare products that promised you a whiter, finer skin in 5 days… coming in the deceptive lines of “no chemicals.”

But instead, all you got was a face that got 2X worse than it was before you used the product.

It bleached your skin. Yet it still didn’t clear the pimples and dark spots.

You end up getting dark knuckles, ugly skin reactions… And even the sudden appearance of stretch marks with multiple different skin colors on you as a result.

Even worse, using these dangerous products becomes addictive for you.

Like a spirit, it sucks you back into using them again every time you try to stop.

And the damage continues…

To the point where you now feel embarrassed to wear any cloth that reveals your skin, or go out without makeup on.

If any of these has ever happened to you…

…I want you to understand something right now.

None Of This Is Your Fault

You just haven’t been using the little-known secret to getting instant relaxation, relief from stress and body pain… And renewing your skin.

The real culprit to all these is the difficult standard of living in the stressful and traffic ridden city of Lagos that zaps out the life in you every week

…And the scam “organic” skincare brands deceiving people with the word “organic” — when in fact, they’re fake labs out to make quick money from you with their toxic and dangerous skincare products that leave your skin worse than it met it.

But, the great news is that there’s a quick, easy, and completely natural way to get instant relaxation from the stress, re-energise, and relieve your back and muscle pain…

And there’s a risk-free, zero side effect way to reverse any skin damage you’ve experienced from using toxic products… and get a smooth and glowing skin you’re proud of… even if you’re afraid of putting anything else on your face!

And we’re giving you instant access to this NEW way of relaxing and being taken care of today!



The special spa treatments we’ll have with you will help you get rid of your unbearable back and muscle pain…

Relax from all the Lagos stress you’ve been through…

Get clear, smooth, and glowing skin

Get soft, stunning feet and hands… with gorgeous nails that instantly glues eyes to them…

And get a happier standard of living full of energy and life to crush your goals.

I’m not sure how long you’ve had to endure the frustrating, stressful and chaotic lifestyle in Lagos that drills life and energy out of your body…

Or how long you’ve had to suffer back and muscle pain from working and grinding all day in the office…

Or how much damage and bleaching that fake beauty products have caused on your skin…

But today is your opportunity to reverse all the deadly effects these situations are causing you… so you can finally get the body of your dreams without having to worry about harmful side effects ever again!

The SOONER you start treating these problems to prevent permanent future damage, the better for you!

I say so because…

So you must take action today to take back charge of your well-being and health

And get the relaxation, dream body, and pampering you desire.

What You Get When You Book A Total Makeover Spa Treatment Session Today…

Deep Cleansing & Microdermabrasion Facials:

Microdermabrasion Facial is more advanced than Deep Cleansing Facial… with more noticeable and immediate results.

Dermatologists highly recommend it if you have more serious skin issues and want instant results.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Body Polish & Steaming:

Relaxing Jacuzzi Soak:

Flawless Manicure:

Relaxing Pedicure:

Choose Your Favorite Spa Treatment Session Package…

The Standard Relaxation Package:

Book today (SAVE N20,000)


Normal PRICE = N60,000

SAVE = N20,000

The Premium Relaxation Package:

Book today (SAVE N27,000)


Normal PRICE = N87,000

SAVE = N27,000

The Ultimate Relaxation Package:

Book today (SAVE N34,000)


Normal PRICE = N129,000

SAVE = N34,000

But Time Is Of Essence...

Our Spa is highly sought-after in Lagos.

Many of our clients even come from far away parts of the country all the way to Lagos just to have a taste of our special spa treatment sessions and feel great again…

…Something they can’t get from any other part of Nigeria.

But the reason is obvious.

Our spa is well equipped, cozy, built for luxury and comfort lovers… and leveled up to celebrity-standard.

As you walk into the spa, you feel the ambiance and relaxing vibe of the place… with a calming and soothing aroma that makes you yearn to come back every time.

It oozes this aura of safe haven for you to relax and be taken care of in the most pampering and VIP-level way…

…Because of this, our Spa sessions fill up way too QUICKLY!

And we have very limited spa session bookings open each month to allow us dedicate enough time and quality service to each of our esteemed clients.

Right now, we have only 15 slots open for the discounted price Offer.

Once our special available slots are filled up for the month (and this happens in just a few days)…

….We’ll shut the doors to this discounted offer. And the price goes back to normal!

So hurry now and book a Spa Treatment Session Package with us TODAY!


Our spa is located at 3, Oladapo Street, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos State.

You can give us a call anytime. Here’s our phone number: 09134885685

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. (Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone)

People think the only days to visit are the weekends. WRONG!

The best days to come in and get the best treatment you deserve, all the attention to yourself, and a much calmer experience is actually from Mondays to Fridays!

No better way to re-energise yourself in the middle of your workweek so you can finish the week strong without breaking down.

See you anytime between Mondays and Fridays!

It’s a one-package FREE bonus.

The FREE Pedicure bonus will also expire in 3 days if you don’t redeem it after you claim it!

Redeem it TODAY by booking one of our special spa packages above.

Yes! We also offer teeth whitening, nail fixing, and more. You’ll get to discover our other ways to help you glow and relax when you visit the spa for your special package session.


The Standard Relaxation Package:

Book today (SAVE N20,000)


Normal PRICE = N60,000

SAVE = N20,000

The Premium Relaxation Package:

Book today (SAVE N27,000)


Normal PRICE = N87,000

SAVE = N27,000

The Ultimate Relaxation Package:

Book today (SAVE N34,000)


Normal PRICE = N129,000

SAVE = N34,000

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