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A Powerful Weight Loss Secret, Formerly Exclusive For Celebrities Only, REVEALED!

The Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Therapy Plus Wood Therapy! It Helped Me Lose 70% Of My Belly Fat!

Faster Than Other Women Who Starved Themselves To Lose Weight.
No Surgery! The Therapy Escalates Massive Tummy Fat Loss Faster Than Going To The Gym!

Are You Presently Struggling To Lose Weight And Also Tired Of Buying Junk Weight Loss Products That Do Not Work?

If You Mean Business When It Comes To Losing Weight, Then You Are On The Right Page.

I Will Share With You A New & Advanced Weight Loss Technology Called The Ultrasound Cavitation Therapy plus Wood Therapy That Helped Me Get Rid Of Water Fat In My Tummy That Weighed Me Down & Made Me Look Shapeless.

I know you are tired of spending hours in the gym, working out like a beast but at the end you still look fat with a pot belly that makes you lose your self confidence. 

I know you are presently tired of buying junk products that promise to help you lose weight but at the end no results after they scammed you of your hard earned money.

You come online, and stumble on all these “before and after” pictures attached to weight loss products so they can deceive you into believing that their products work.

I Know You Are Smart, And I Won’t Take Advantage Of You By Lying To You And Telling You What Is Not Because You Deserve Full Value For Your Money.

Frustrated In Gym

You are not alone in this issue. Many people around the world and even in Naija, are struggling like hell to lose weight and get in shape just like you are.

Due to the pressure to lose weight, many of them have fallen for scam products that promise them OVERNIGHT weight loss and flat tummy, but at the end nothing.

To prove to you that I am not like other weight loss marketers that want to rip you off, I will be 100% honest and tell you nothing BUT THE GOSPEL TRUTH…..

I’m About To Introduce A New And Advanced Technology That Is Scientifically Proven To Burn Tummy Fat Faster Than The Speed Of Light.

Every lady who has used this therapy, including celebrities have testified about its potency. It has been proven to make a woman’s waistline 20% smaller after each procedure and no, it’s not surgery neither is it liposuction.

How Do I Know? You may ask…

I, Mrs. Angela, have used it myself to achieve a smaller waistline in a matter of weeks.

Just like you, I once struggled to lose body weight and get that dream body.

I used to be overweight, I once weighed 110kg at a time, I couldn’t climb the stairs without panting heavily or stopping multiple times to catch my breath. I spent huge amounts of money meeting a cardiologist because I had a critical heart problem due to my being overweight.

My blood pressure had skyrocketed despite being on various anti-hypertensive drugs for years.

I lost my self esteem due to my weight; I stopped attending social functions because I couldn’t wear attractive clothes, only bogus dresses that looked like maternity gowns.

It got so bad to the point that I stopped going to church, not because I was quarreling with God but because I was tired of having people notice me wearing the same maternity gowns every Sunday in a row.

I was always quarreling with tailors because I was always bigger than the initial measurement they took from me because I was continually adding weight most especially around my tummy.

I literally had a pot belly.

Pot Belly

The gowns were always too tight and they had to lose and re-sew it. Sometimes, they end up spoiling the clothes and wasting my time.

Worst of all, I looked way older than my age. I was always insulted by some lousy friends.

I was not stylish at all because of my dress sense. I looked like a 50 something year old woman even though I was in my early 30s.

It got to the point when someone indirectly insulted me saying that I looked older than my husband even though he was several years older than me.

This insult shocked me to the bones and then I knew I had to do something about my weight or I would end up losing my health, marriage and social life to being fat.

That Marked The Beginning Of No Going Back On My Weight Loss Journey

I began to desperately digest information online regarding losing overall body weight. I enrolled in the gym and even hired a fitness trainer to guide me on my weightloss journey.

Every morning before going out, I made sure I spent one hour doing cardios and exercise to lose weight. I cut every form of junk food that would prevent me from achieving my weight loss goal.

For 3 straight months, I was a workout beast. It was not easy, there were days when I didn’t feel like it. There were days of body aches and pains due to the stress on my body. There were days I would break down and cry wondering how I let myself go and put on so much weight.

But I never gave up.

I made sure I channeled my pain towards my weight loss goal, and as I began to gradually make progress, I was motivated to go harder. Within 3 months, I had lost over 50% of my body weight.

Even With This Progress I Still Had A Stubborn Problem Area Which Was My Tummy.

I was losing a considerable amount of weight in other areas of my body but my tummy was still stubborn. The fat there made my tummy feel like there was a bag of water inside. The fat just sat there and refused to go away.

I did sit ups, I did cardio, jogging, running, tabata and even HIIT workouts introduced to me by my personal trainer. I even went on a diet, but the results were coming so slow.

I needed a fast way to shed and burn body fat. These led me to start looking for alternative methods to achieve my goal of a toned and flat tummy apart from exercise and gyming.

I started searching online for this vital information. I searched google and Facebook everyday looking for a perfect solution until I found out about….

The Ultrasound Cavitation Weight Loss Therapy offered by New Image Makeover Spa.

Allow me briefly describe these procedures for you.

The Ultrasound Cavitation Plus Wood Weight Loss Therapy is a non-surgical means of losing tummy fat faster than the speed of light.

It is one of the latest aesthetic treatments that work to eliminate extra inches and achieve instant fat loss.

Traditional weight loss methods make you feel hungry hence your body goes to self-protection mode.

This means that metabolism slows, your body starts spending energy more efficiently, which makes it difficult to burn fat and lose weight.

When you complete your diet and start adding weight, the body will store more fat to be used in case of starvation.

Cavitation Therapy helps you to fight against the fat that may be deposited in your body.

The fat is naturally disposed of by the body’s own filtration system.

Cavitation as compared with the surgical slimming methods has no risk of scarring, pain, bleeding and infection, and there is no recovery time needed.

How Does It Work?

The ultrasonic cavitation machine uses high frequency sound waves to break up the fat cells, then the fat leaks into the fluids of the body.

The lymph system then picks it up as waste material which is processed by the liver and removed as sweat, urine and faeces.

The wood therapy is used to break up the fat tissue and make it very easy for the ultrasound cavitation to work fast.

Wow, when I saw this information, I was highly interested.

That means all that stubborn fat in your tummy can be broken down through a non-surgical means, and then disposed of by the body through urine, sweat and faeces.

This was what I was always looking for and with this information…

I Picked Up My Phone To Book An Appointment With New Image Makeover Spa.

Their head therapist (Miss Boluwatife) was so polite and she took their time to explain how the process works. Within 15-30 minutes of talking with her, I was sure that they knew what they were doing and I booked an appointment at once.

I Booked For The Recommended 5 Sessions For 20k Each.

At first I wanted to hesitate due to the price but secondly I saw it as an investment into my looks and personal well being.

Dear reader, the results were outstanding and I never regretted this investment.

After the second session of the Cavitation plus Wood Weight Loss Therapy, I could zip up my trouser with ease.

Before, it was a tug of war to wear my jeans. I had to hold my breath and squeeze my tummy before. Sometimes I would just give up, dump the trouser, wear my big gown and move on.

But now, it’s a total change of story. My tummy that was so big with fat, has drastically gone down.

I can see my abs now, and my daily workout is showing 100%. All thanks to New Image Makeover Spa.

If You Are Reading This With A Desire To Get A Super Flat Tummy With A Slim Waist Line, I, Mrs. Angela, Is Recommending New Image Makeover Spa & Their Cavitation Weight Loss Therapy.

Allow Me Show You 8 Benefits Of The Ultrasound Cavitation + Wood Fat Reduction Therapy.

Do You Still Doubt? If Yes, This Before & After Pictures Of Verified Clients Will Convince You.

Ms. Oluwakemi

Mrs. Sheila Nmadu

Mrs. Tiwatope Animashaun (2 additional sessions for back folds)

How Much Will It Cost To Use This Ultrasound Cavitation & Wood Weight Loss Therapy Offered By New Image Makeover Spa?

Please note that I am not the one offering the service neither am I a weight loss doctor or specialist. I just took it upon myself to show you what worked for me because I notice that many women are suffering from lack of knowledge.

This service originally goes for N25,000/session for the “Ultrasound Cavitation & Wood Weight Loss Therapy”.

The recommended number of sessions is a minimum of 5 which totals N100,000

However, due to the fact that they just opened a branch at Ikeja, they have decided to give mouth watering discounts to the first 20 people who book an appointment..

Ultrasound Cavitation & Wood Weight Loss Therapy.

Discount Price - N20,000 instead of N25,000 save N5,000

N100,000 for 5 Sessions (This is for perfect and permanent results)

The first 20 people to sign up get the following bonuses along with the therapy

If you book at least 5 sessions, you get access to the following bonuses free of charge courtesy New Image Makeover Spa.

A Free Jelly Pedicure Session

Is your foot looking rough and dry with the toenails needing a professional touch?

If yes, New Image Makeover Spa has decided to give you a very professional pedicure that would make your foot feel extra soft and moisturized. They would use the best jelly, exfoliating oils and soaps to scrub your foot until every dead skin cell is removed.

I swear, you will leave the spa feeling like a queen with your foot looking clean and moisturized.

This bonus is free of charge for anyone who books for at least 5 sessions of Ultrasound Cavitation Weight Loss Therapy.

Fat Detox Smoothie Recipe Guide

After spending about 100k or more to get the banging body you have always dreamt of, you have to maintain it so that excess fat will not destroy the curves you have gotten.

Now, this is where the Fat Detox Smoothie Recipe Guide comes in. New Image Makeover Spa and its team of specialists have a recommended smoothie diet for maintaining your new found figure 8.

This smoothie will help prevent your body from storing excess fat. It would boost your metabolism so that every food you eat won’t become unwanted fat that would make you lose your shape.

The Daily “Fit-Girl” Guide

This guide will show you simple daily exercises you can use to maintain your new found figure.

This guide will not just show you how to lose excess body fat but would also teach you how to keep that excess body fat away and prevent it from coming back.

Free Luscious Facials

This facial will help brighten, moisturize and eliminate dead skin cells on your face. Your face would be scrubbed with the finest moisturizers and exfoliating agents. It will help relieve stress, prevent wrinkles, treat acne, rejuvenate and detoxify your skin, giving it a youthful look. This is what you will enjoy if you are part of the first 20 people to grab the offer.


Note: Neither the bonuses or discounted promo prices will be available to the 21th person. Once the Spa has booked the 20th client, all prices go back to normal and the bonuses may not be included.

Positive Results Guaranteed

New Image Makeover Spa has a mission to give each and every client full satisfaction for all services rendered. They have vowed to make you feel like a Queen as you step out after a professional touch.

How Can You Enroll For This Ultrasound Cavitation & Wood Weight Loss Therapy & Be The Among First 20 Clients To Enjoy The Bonuses?

Due to the massive amount of customers trooping into the spa, every interested client has to book an appointment to fix a date to come in for the FREE consultation so that reservations can be made for you.

Once you fill the form, you will receive a call from one of the therapists, who will confirm your slot and when you are to come to the spa for the free consultation and Pedicure. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

To book an appointment, kindly fill the form below.

Due to Limited number of available spots. Only book if you have your money ready. If you just want us to walk you through the process, call us instead on 09134885685. Or visit us at our ikeja address

Our Spa Address: 3, Oladapo Street, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos State.
Contact: 09134885685

Before You Ignore All What I Have Written On This Page, Please Read This Last Thing!

There is no price that is too much when it comes to taking care of your physical wellbeing. What if I was still fat like before, probably by now, I would have slumped and died from a heart disease but now I am healthy and toned.

Do this for you. Invest in your health because it is your sole responsibility.

If you are a married woman reading this and you have a protruding tummy due to fat, your man goes out and sees beautiful girls everywhere, I can assure you that he has a high chance of being tempted to go for them especially when he sees that they are endowed with a body that is toned and tight.

Make effort into keeping your man by looking your best. Men are moved by what they see and he should only be looking at you only and no other woman.

I’m sure you understand what I mean.

Most importantly, do this for yourself. We ladies, spend almost all our lifetime taking care of others, thereby neglecting ourselves.

Even if you are not sure yet, give them a call to understand how everything works by dialing: 09134885685

I can assure you that you will never regret this decision, your body will thank you for it.

If interested

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