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I Finally Cheated Nature Painlessly, My Dream Body Is Here!

How I Got A Banging Figure 8 Body That Has Made My Man Never Take His Eyes Off Me

He Now Sees Me As A Complete Package & Dumped His Sidechicks!

I want to give a full blown testimonial of how “New Image Makeover Spa” transformed my body from being as straight as a stick to helping me achieve a A Feminine Curvy Body Painlessly and Without Surgery In 15 Days Using A Fat Shifting Technique!

But before I explain how this fat shifting technique works, let me reveal a rather shocking fact about myself to you.

I Always Hated My Former Body.

To be more specific, I hated the fact that I had a flat chest even though I was in my late 20s.

My breasts were as flat as slippers that if I wore a face cap and a pair of jeans, people would mistake me for an under age teenage boy.

It was so bad that if I was walking with my female friends who had big ass and boobs, I would look and feel like a man walking next to them.

In fact, a guy once approached my curvy friend and toasted her while I looked on like a hopeless invisible ghost who no guy ever approached.

I was so skinny, with a flat chest, flat buttocks that were even saggy. I had no cleavage. Imagine wearing a bra and your chest is just flat.

I didn’t feel or look feminine like other women and it really affected my self esteem.

Even when I managed to get a boyfriend after months of being single, he would tease me that I was “Kpelenge” with nothing to grab or boobs to suck during sex.

To him it was a joke, but to me, he was further digging the hole of my low self esteem.

I was insecure, especially amongst other much curvy girls with massive cleavages and fat asses.

If only I could be like them.

In a desperate bid to add weight and be curvy I started taking appetite boosting products to gain body weight.

With this, I began to eat like a hungry lion and I started swelling like a pregnant cow. Every day and night, I was munching snacks and biscuits.

Even at night, I always kept cake by my side in case I woke up at night and became desperately hungry.

Within the space of 2 months, I was twice my former size.

My tummy began to become bigger with fat yet my hips were not wider. My thighs were getting fuller but my ass was still flat.

In other words I had a big upper body and also huge thighs of thunder, yet my ass was not affected.

I started blowing up like a balloon. My thighs began to pop up. My body began to fill up, everything started blowing up.

Even though I was happy that I was adding some weight, deep down I was not satisfied.

I wanted that hourglass figure that all those girls on Instagram usually had. I just wanted to look sexy and be the girl that every guy liked.

A girl that boys viewed as hot and sexy. A girl that men would spend their last dime to have.

This made me start dreaming about going under the knives and having liposuction.

I started watching “Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery” videos on YouTube and what I saw shocked me.

I saw the way the human body was sliced open like cow meat on surgery tables and theater rooms.

I was shocked to the bone marrow.

I saw how they inserted pipes into the tummy of the patients to suck out a yellow fat out of their tummy and I was scared to death.

The ladies would just lay down almost lifeless and under anesthesia that made them not feel the pain, while the doctors measured and cut them like pieces of meat.

This was not all.

The healing process was traumatic for these women.

I saw a pretty girl on YouTube literally struggling to breath and talk well while she was in recovery.

She was heavily bandaged from breast to waist and bed ridden.

Even though she claimed she was okay and fine, I could see and feel the pain in her eyes.

She could not lift her arms up or down.

Sitting down was a battle and lying down was war.

She had done a breast augmentation and liposuction surgery.

Even though the results of the surgery were amazing for her, the pain and trauma she went through was not something I could take.

How can I be bedridden for 3 weeks and in pain because I wanted to be hot?

I could not imagine myself with excruciating pains for up to 3 weeks, while bedridden. That shit scared the living daylight out of me.

I Wanted An Easy & Painless Procedure That Didn’t Involve Me Going Under The Knife

I wanted to enhance my body shape without going through all the trauma of recovery and pains.

I became obsessed with having a figure 8.

My family tried to talk me out of it, but my strong head did not allow me listen to them.

I almost lost my boyfriend and relationship. My boyfriend didn’t support my obsession about having a “figure 8” body.

He always said “I like you the way you are” but I didn’t like the way I was. I was flattered that he loved me the way I was but that was just it….ordinary flattery.

Deep down I was not happy with my body and I wanted a change. I hated taking pictures because I just looked shapeless.

…and of course I was sure my boyfriend was eying all those curvy girls too.

This Was My Situation & Obsession Until I Came Across New Image Makeover Spa on Facebook.

I read about their services and learned that they were into Body Contouring & Augmentation.


At first I was afraid and thought it was all those plastic surgery people in Nigeria who didn’t know what they were doing but something struck me.


I was even further scared when I read in the news that a lady almost died because she had a botched liposuction procedure. Transferred fat was pouring out of her buttocks.

Failed Liposuction Surgery

This made me very careful, but despite my fears I still approached them for further details.

I saw their “before and after” pictures of girls and women who had used their services and I must say that I was impressed.

Their bodies looked natural with curves in all the right parts even though their bodies were nothing to write home about before the procedure.

I Decided To Hit Them Up For More Inquiries About The Process & What They Explained To Me Was Interesting.

The specialist explained that their procedure does not involve going under the knife. With this news, I was relieved.

She further explained that they use a particular “Fat Shifting Technique”

that involves a very effective wood + vacuum + endermo” therapy.

Wood Therapy Tools

Vacuum Therapy Machine


EndermoTheraphy “G5” Machine

From my findings after the first session, the procedure was truly non-surgical, neither did it involve the injection of silicone into the body.

What they do is, use the wood therapy tools to loosen the clogged and unwanted fat around the body, then use the vacuum therapy machine to shift that fat to the intended areas of the body.

That means they can shift fat from the laps to the ass. They can shift, tummy fat to the hips and even boobs too. This way, you will have that thick figure 8 looks.

All it takes is 5-10 sessions and that figure 8 you always dreamed of will be yours…..permanently!

Babe, as I got this information, I didn’t think too much, I went for it.

Their services are amazing and the results were mind blowing

Let me not talk too much, see before and after pictures of my 10th and final session below…

My boobs are also now bigger and firm as you can see below:

The body I used to hate before is now “shacking” me…LOL My self esteem has increased and I’m confident.

Once I wear figure fitting dresses like this ehn, guys no dey allow me rest.

My IG profile is popping with likes and comments and guys are sliding into my DM.

But most importantly, my boyfriend that used to yab me and call me “Kpelenge” now notices my curves and he like what he is seeing. This bobo will not allow my boobs to rest, I swear.

I really feel comfortable in my own skin now.

This is what I always wanted and I got it. I paid good money for it.

Now I’m Sure You Are Convinced That These People Know What They Are Doing When It Comes To Non-Surgical Body Contouring.


Allow Me Properly Introduce You To…


New Image Makeover Spa


What Are The Various Body Enhancement Services Offered By New Image Makeover Spa?

Boobs Enlargement, Lifting & Firming (Non-Surgical)

Boob Enhancement Video

Are you endowed with small boobs that almost look invisible to the eyes?

Are your boobs sagging or drooping due to childbirth?

Or, has your boobs lost its youthful perkiness due to gravity?

If yes, this is a service that you should go for. By the time they are done with you, your boobs will be perky and alive.

If you never had cleavage before, you will see a very round and full breast with deep cleavage.

In fact, after this procedure, you will never want to wear a push up bra again and your man will want to suck those boobs like his life depends on it.

Butt Enlargement & Lifting​

Butt Enhancement Video

Is your ass flat and saggy? Do you want an ass shaped like round watermelons with well defined curves?

If yes, then this procedure is for you. Your ass will stand as if you are wearing a butt pad. Your ass will be so round and enlarged that your man won’t be able to withstand grabbing it even in public….na me talk am…lol.

Hip Enhancement​

Hip Enhancement Video

Every girl wants that figure 8 and men love it. That excess fat, hanging on your tummy will be used to create beautiful hips with curves as wide as Dubai road.

Just imagine yourself wearing an evening gown with that curve in full display, if one guy does not approach you for a date, go back and collect your money.

As a woman, it is your job to look beautiful always and “New Image Makeover Spa” can do this for you. Stop dulling and complaining that men are not coming.

Men are plenty but you have to package yourself to grab their attention. Those girls that men spend money on do not have 2 heads neither are they even more beautiful than you.

They just know how to package.

This Procedure Also Has Its Health Benefits

Burns Some Fat

This wood and vacuum therapy will be specifically used in areas of the body with unwanted fat because with every massage you will be burning it. This therapy is powerful when it comes to burning some unwanted body fat.

Speeds Up Your Metabolism For Fat Burn

Slow metabolism causes obesity and unwanted fat but with this wood and vacuum therapy, say bye bye to all that. During the

space of this procedure, you will notice that your body will be losing excess body fat at the speed of light.

What Type Of Lady Needs This Service?

This procedure has to be carefully done the first time so you have to make sure that you give it to a professional who knows what they are doing or else you will just enrich them only for them to leave you with a disfigured body.

…and New Image Makeover Spa has the best well trained with the right equipment to carry out this procedure in a safe and painless manner.

New Image Makeover Spa does not use anything like surgery or going under the knife to improve your body.

Their procedure is painless with little tingling and marks that will disappear a few hours after the procedure plus….

They are affordable.

Gone are the days when you need to pay hundreds of thousands of Naira for body enhancement and still suffer pain on top.

Their prices are very affordable and within this period, they are also running a promo at their new branch at Ikeja. But before I tell you about their procedure, let me show you before and after pictures of people who have used their services with positive results to show for it.

How Much Will It Cost To Enhance Your Boobs, Hips Or Ass?

New Image Makeover Spa offers non-surgical body enhancement services for the boobs, hips and butt.

To achieve perfect results, it is recommended that you go for at least 5 complete body enhancement sessions.

This is to achieve a natural and permanent result from the body enhancement procedure.

On a normal working day, New Image Makeover Spa offers this service at the rate of 30k per session and a complete 5 session will cost you a total of N150,000.

…but due to the fact that they are running a promo at their new Ikeja Branch in Lagos, they have decided to offer discounts for the following services.

Boobs Lifting, Enlargement & Firming

N20,000 per session instead of N30,000 Total For 5 Sessions = N99,999 instead of N150,000

Butt Enlargement

N20,000 per session instead of N30,000 Total For 5 Sessions = N99,999 instead of N150,000

Hip Enhancement

N20,000 per session instead of N30,000 Total For 5 Sessions = N99,999 instead of N150,000

These are the discounted promo prices for each session and they come with other benefits for the first 20 ladies who book an appointment with New Image Makeover Spa.

If you book an appointment for any of the above services, you get to enjoy the following bonuses free of charge.

A Free Jelly Pedicure Session

Is your foot looking rough and dry with the toenails needing a professional touch?

If yes, New Image Makeover Spa has decided to give you a very professional pedicure that would make your foot feel extra soft and moisturized. They would use the best jelly, exfoliating oils and soaps to scrub your foot until every dead skin cell is removed.

I swear, you will leave the spa feeling like a queen with your foot looking clean and moisturized.

This bonus is free of charge for anyone who goes for any of the body enhancement services.

Butt Cheek Exfoliation​

This procedure involves exfoliating dead skin cells from the butt cheeks making it velvety smooth for your man.

It would even skin tone and eliminate spots around the butt cheek. This is a premium body scrub therapy that you would never regret.

Fat Detox Smoothie Recipe Guide

After spending about 100k or more to get the banging body you have always dreamt of, you have to maintain it so that excess fat will not destroy the curves you have gotten.

Now, this is where the Fat Detox Smoothie Recipe Guide comes in. New Image Makeover Spa and its team of specialists have a recommended smoothie diet for maintaining your new found figure 8.

This smoothie will help prevent your body from storing excess fat. It would boost your metabolism so that every food you eat won’t become unwanted fat that would make you lose your shape.

The Daily “Fit-Girl” Guide

This guide will show you simple daily exercises you can use to maintain your new found figure.

This guide will not just show you how to lose excess body fat but would also teach you how to keep that excess body fat away and prevent it from coming back.

The Luscious Vagina Therapy Guide.

One of the marks of a sweet girl is her vagina. As women we have to maintain our vagina for our men.

A sweet vagina will work wonders for your relationship and this Luscious Vagina Therapy Guide will show you how to rejuvenate and maintain your vagina so it can be always wet, tidy and kinky for your man.

Ladies, the tricks this guide will show you are mind blowing. The tricks shown in this guide were used by Queen Cleaopatra and Elizabeth Taylor.

Men were known to go to battle just to have a taste of their vagina.

All These Bonuses Will Be Available To The First 20 Ladies To Book An Appointment With New Image Makeover Spa Below.

Note: Neither the bonuses or discounted promo prices will be available to the 21st person. Once the spa has booked the 21st client, all prices go back to normal and the bonuses may not be included.

Positive Results Guaranteed


New Image Makeover Spa has a mission to give each and every client full satisfaction for all services rendered. They have vowed to make you feel like a Queen as you step out after a professional touch.

How Can You Enroll For This Body Enhancement Session & Be Amongst The First 20 Clients To Enjoy The Bonuses?

Due to the massive amount of customers trooping into the spa, every interested client has to book an appointment to fix a date so that reservations can be made for you.

Once you fill the form, you will receive a call from one of the therapists, who will help put you through the procedure. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

To book an appointment, kindly fill the form below.

Due to Limited number of available spots. Only book if you have your money ready. If you just want us to walk you through the process, call us instead on 09134885685. Or Visit Us At Our Ikeja Address

Before You Ignore All What I Have Written On This Page, Please Read This Last Thing!

Your man goes out and sees beautiful girls everywhere, and I can assure you that he has a high chance of being tempted to go for them especially when he sees that they are endowed with a full breast and ass with a toned figure.

Make effort into keeping your man by looking your best. Men are moved by what they see and he should only be looking at you only and no other woman.

I’m sure you understand what I mean.

Most importantly, do this for yourself. We ladies, spend almost all our lifetime taking care of others, thereby neglecting ourselves.

Even if you are not sure yet, give them a call to understand how everything works by dialing : 09134885685

I can assure you that you will never regret this decision, your body will thank you for it.

If interested

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